For the love of Milkglass

                                                Before the days of engagement, Jordan and I made regular and frequent visits to his grandparent’s home in Palm Springs, California. The rows of  beige, cookie cutter, suburban houses were interrupted by one particular home. The front yard was arrayed with antique gnomes, wind chimes and cutesy little signs with catchy phrasing. The appearance of the outside was definitely a precursor of things to come. Once stepping inside you were instantly transported into an inviting, magical world of times past. As former antique storeowners, Nana and Papa have accumulated an amazing collection of antique furniture, knickknacks, timepieces, memorabilia and the like. 

During one particular afternoon visit, I sat down at Nana’s kitchen table , I was suddenly enamored with an unusual looking white vase and thought to myself how beautiful it would look adorned with fresh flowers. “Milkglass”, Nana told me. I repeated the word in my mind… Milkglass…how darling…I think I love you…

The months passed, Jordan proposed and wedding planning was well underway. I began collecting pieces of milk glass for wedding décor, like IT WAS MY JOB. Hobnail, diamond patterned, you name it, I loved it. Nana was, of course, pleased by my newfound love of milkglass and she began gifting me different pieces whenever we would visit. My beloved candy dish was the first of many special pieces that Nana bestowed upon me.

Word traveled fast among family and friends of my deep and unwavering devotion to all things milk glass. It has become the go-to gift that I am given, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Big displays of affection and attention are not the sort of thing I seek but remembering my sentimental passion for the intricate milky glassware I discovered in my nana’s kitchen so many years before, well that melts this girl’s heart to a puddle.





 {written narrative by: Lauren Kearney}

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A Second Chance

Quite possibly the most appealing aspect of a second chance is opportunity of redemption. The opportunity to prove that what was first, is not what will be always, to try again and not concede that failure is the end of the story. That, my friends, is the essence of a second chance. Personally my road redemption began at the young age of 19 when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. My father said I had failed, but I knew that I would have the opportunity to prove that my life was not a waste. I am the third of four children, the oldest daughter, and the 1st to have a child. I’m happy to say that I have redeemed myself by being a devoted and loving mother to my three children but not only that, I am the first of four children to have graduated with a four year college degree. Did my father give me recognition for this feat? No. He did attend my graduation? No. Did I need him to? No. When I stood on the stage that day almost 3 years ago, receiving my Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, I realized that I had it all along. Worth, value, integrity, intelligence, grit, and most importantly success. I was redeemed in my own eyes, the need for my father’s approval dissipated. When you allow someone else’s opinion to be your truth you have failed, but when you pick yourself up, and you begin to rewrite, no matter where your story ends, you have succeeded.
Coincidentally I picked up this lonely little chair from the thrift store around the same time I was finishing up my bachelor’s program. I intended for this chair to be my writing chair, the one that I sat in to do my thinking, brainstorming and writing. I did a quick fix with some lemon oil and new fabric for the cushion, but honestly the chair was never comfortable to sit in and I knew it would need a little more TLC eventually. Life happened another baby came and then finally I decided it was time.
Here is the first before and after of my quick fix.

It was better but not good enough. This chair deserved a real second chance.

After popping out the cushion, I hand sanded the wooden frame. I applied two coats of grey flat Paint, finishing it off with a sealing wax. For the cushion I added a thick comfy layer of foam and covered it with batting. Using a staple-gun I secured the linen fabric. After the frame was dry I replaced the cushion and voilà! And that is the happy beginning of this cute little chair’s second chance story.



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Hello, Lauren here, happy first blog post!

Becca and I are new to the whole blog thing. As busy wives and moms it may take us a little bit to get the hang of how to do the perfect blog entry, but I didn’t want to let that stop us from tapping in to this creative outlet that we so desperately love. So with that being said, I thought we should take a moment and share the inspiration behind The Bronzed Locket blog. The primary thing that inspired us was inspiration itself. We’ve always shared pictures back-and-forth of beautiful decor and party planning ideas from Pinterest, or pictures of our own DIY projects and decor adventures, so we simply thought, why don’t we blog about it? We’ve helped each other plan, decorate and execute dozens of birthday parties, bridal showers, and baby showers over the past near decade that we have been friends. We are passionate about creating inspired beautiful spaces for our most cherished memorable moments. We want to share a little bit of that inspiration with you as well. We hope you enjoy!

Becca & Lauren

{photo by: Emily McAllister}

{photo by: Emily McAllister}


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